Victor Vran Overkill Edition isn’t Diablo III  and doesn’t really come close , but you’ll be killing far too many nasty bugs to really care about how the game compares to the others on the market.  You take on the role of Victor Vran, the local demon hunter, who has to travel around the city of Zagoravia and save the world from devastation, killing all the bugs and skeletons that cross your path.  During your epic journey you will meet fellow demon hunters and face high end bosses in various settings that won’t be completely unrecognisable from many you’ve seen before.

Moving away from that, Victor Vran is surprisingly fun and enjoyable.  As a dungeon crawler your pad will get some good button bashing action: it really is a good giggle.  Throughout the game you will occasionally hear the voice of the narrator.  His main job, it seems, is to taunt Victor. Failing that he’ll toss the occasional humorous anecdote your way which is a touch that brings a smile to your face.

The controls for Vicor Vran are reasonably straightforward and easy to use.  Having said that, it did take me a little while to get used to the view on screen.  You have to use both thumb sticks to navigate and change the angle of the your camera. I found this something of a challenge to adapt to.  Age is certainly not on my side in this respect!

Victor Vran has two main modes.  You can either battle it out on your own in a solo mode or you can join up with one of your mates in cooperative multiplayer mode.  All I can say is that with more than one player there is gonna be a hell of a lot of monsters getting hacked: up prepare to get busy with your buttons!

I’ve been playing Victor Vran for a few days now. I would really have liked to have seen a few different classes and perhaps even a skill tree.  Sadly, there is none of that. The game’s tier system comes when you’re leveling with new weapons from loot drops. Each of these weapons will have their own set of abilities to be upgraded.  Victor does have limited spell-casting abilities too though.  To use these, pick up a spell card and attach this to an empty slot on your currently selected weapon.  Generally dropped as loot from mobs or gained when you level up, there’s a decent selection of cards on offer.  Many offer up passive skills like increased health or weapon range to go with the spells.  It all depends on your individual playing style!

Now that I think about it Victor has actually got me pretty hooked.  I really do like this game a lot.  I’ve been thinking about what aspect of the game keeps me coming back.  I think it’s all down to the challenges you get when you get to the next area.  Victor really does push you to find all those golden stars before moving on!

The music and soundtrack were lacking a certain something I felt.  The sound effects were pretty much your standard fair and the game really could have done with a cool beat running in the background.

I ended up enjoying this game more than I honestly expected.  Is it better than some of it’s more established competitors?  No, but at £31.99 including both the expansions you can certainly do a lot worse.