Rocket League fans rejoice, Update 1.34 is out now.

Neo-Tokyo returns in two set-up’s, firstly Tokyo Underpass continues with the annoying side platforms, but thankfully this will only be for offline and private games. Neo-Tokyo is the new standard layout, without the side platforms.

Having played the new Neo-Tokyo, It’s safe to say it’s certainly different, keeping the same visual scheme and that awesome announcer, the flat layout feels very wide and short, somewhere between current maps Wastland and Starbase Ark in an almost square nature, but without the ’roundness’ of the latter.

Also with the update you’ll find new Nitro crates,

I’m yet to get one, so haven’t been able to pin-point all of the items, but you might want to look out for the new original battle car called Mantis, similar in style to the low and wide Batmobile.

Also there’s new wheels including the unique Draco, and two new BMD’s Spectre which is a nice back-end animation but seems to have a racing stripe in the matching colour which for me looks ugly and out of place. Bubbly, feels somewhat similar to Hexed but has a mostly front facing animation similar to parallax, I’m not too keen myself, but I’m already bored with 20XX, but you can take a look at both below.

It’s unknown what next for Rocket League, and with items flooding in with new crates, I’m sure the trading scene is doing well, but I’ve been spending slightly less time on the game and i’m yet to be impressed with any of the new items I’ve seen. As things certainly feel more worthwhile towards the end of a season, with not long starting Season 4 it could be a few months before things heat up again, but I’m sure we’ll have some licensed DLC cars and another new crate before that comes around.