For over a year Assassin’s Creed fanatics have been gnawing off their arms in frustration over the latest game in the franchise. Originally code-named ‘Empire’, this upcoming Assassin’s Creed was promised to be a fresh take on the franchise with new gadgets and an unexplored timeline. We knew through rumours that the game was likely to be set in Ancient Egyptian times and would likely take us closer to the precursors and their confusing role in the series’ modern-day story arc.

The latest Assassin’s Creed leak that popped up on the web is a rather convincing off-screen photo of a character in suitably Assassin-y garb sailing a boat towards (according to the current objective) ‘Khenut’s Villa’ as part of an assassination mission.

In the world we live in where phone cameras have such high resolution it’s disappointing that the image isn’t much clearer, but beggars can’t be choosers and as a huge fan of the franchise any small taste of the upcoming game we have been waiting over the usual year for is welcomed with open arms.

The previously mentioned Khenut was one of Egypt’s Queens which rather nicely confirms the time period in which the game will be set. The decision to head back further than the franchise has ever gone before is an interesting one, but with more and leaking out of the Assassin’s Creed rumour-mill I am confident that Origins will be the AC game to watch if you felt that the series had begun to go stale. With the promise of several new features and gameplay mechanics such as RPG elements and a re-worked engine we have the promise that Assassin’s Creed Origin will be fresh and exciting.

However, this information is mainly rumours and leaks so cannot be completely trusted. The facts stand that there will be a new Assassin’s Creed game released later on this year and that it has been worked on for longer than the usual 12 month turn-around so will undoubtedly be that little bit better than the other 9 main games that came before it. Needless to say all these rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt and concrete information on the game will undoubtedly be released at E3 with  a trailer that will blow any Assassin’s Creed fan away. Keep up to date with any Assassin’s Creed Origins/Empire news right here on Xbox Sector.