Recently, Destiny players have discovered a glitch in the Crota challenge, that is stopping them from completing it. The glitch happens only at conditions, where players go through sections of the raid without dying.

When players move through the Crota’s raid, the stats involved with swords carry over. This triggers the problem, where the challenge demands that no player can wield a sword twice. Hence, the the team is required to rotate the sword bearers during each section, which is causing them to fail.

The problems specifically arises at the bridge section and during the Ir Yut boss fight in the Crota challenge. While some might think, that rotating sword bearers from Ir Yut to Crota would work, the bridge section must also be kept in mind. With the team completing each of these sections without dying, they would not be able to wield a sword at the end of the challenge. Therefore, it is suggested to wipe before Crota boss fight.

However, Bungie is yet to confirm this minor issue as a impacting glitch. But, when they do, the best course of action would be to wipe in between the Ir Yut section and Crota boss fight.