When we thought it was over, Vivendi comes out of nowhere and says, “Nah! We’re still gonna try”.

The incident happened last year, when Vivendi looked to do a hostile takeover of Ubisoft. Board meetings were held, when matters of share percentages were discussed. But things took a turn, when they stepped back having second thoughts. However, sources from the company told Reuters, that they will resume the take over by the close of 2017.

As per those sources, there are a couple of reasons for the resumption of the take over plans. The first reason is Vivendi’s shares have fallen by 3%. Despite its recent aquisitions including a 25% stake in Ubisoft, its shares are declining gradually. The second reason is the company’s chairman Vincent Bollore wants to transform the company into a global powerhouse, an effort that will include taking over both Ubisoft and the advertising company Havas.

But, there might be potential plans to stop this take over. The founders of Vivendi, Guillemots are still present in their leadership roles. If they interfere with the take over, then the company will abondon its pursuit of Ubisoft and will try to find another way into the industry.

If Ubisoft can’t be acquired, then Vivendi will try to take over another video game company. But, they will have a back up strategy too. They could create their own game development company from scratch, and potentially poach talent from Ubisoft and other sources.

Vivendi is constantly purchasing stocks from Gameloft and has a 96% stake in that company. This major take over happened despite the efforts made by the Guillemot family to stop it. CEO Yves Guillemot actively campaigning against hostile takeover and will try to prevent the company from pursuing such activities.

The Guillemots are completely against it and will definitely interfere. However, it remains to be seen if Vivendi will still continue with their plans, not paying heed to the leaders of the company.