After playing through several tasks in Overwatch, players come across loot boxes that provide alternate character skins, sprays, emblems and so on. The opening of these boxes are well animated with lights and sounds. When Blizzard was questioned about this, they said it was an intentional part of the game.

Explaining further to Kotaku, Overwatch developers Michael Heiberg and Jeremy Craig detailed the design process behind the Overwatch’s Halloween loot boxes and the necessity of making them more appealing. Heiberg quoted,

It looked really cool and hit the Halloween theme well, but it didn’t evoke a feeling of being inviting and desirable. Instead, we went with more of a jack-o-lantern themed candy bucket that (if you have a sweet tooth like me) definitely hits those notes.

The boxes were specifically designed in a way to gather the players’ attention and draw them in. This strategy can be stated as a marketing tactic, to keep the players intrigued and entertained at the same time without losing the fan base. Heiberg continued,

When you start opening a loot box, we want to build anticipation. We do this in a lot of ways — animations, camera work, spinning plates, and sounds. We even build a little anticipation with the glow that emits from a loot box’s cracks before you open it.

With players awaiting the next event following “Year of the rooster”, they can expect a large variety of loot boxes with catchy animations and valuable rewards in the future.