With the plethora of achievements hidden throughout all of your games on the Xbox One the competition between friends is at an all time high, luckily for you we have a short list of the top games to snatch up some gamerscore and top those leaderboards.

Anything Telltale

With an easy 1000g to be had in each of the Telltale titles just for playing through the story, these great games are a brilliant way to boost your gamerscore. Apart from The Wolf Among Us and some of The Walking Dead there is practically no back-tracking needed to claim your cool 1000g from any of these quick-thinking morality games.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Despite some serious hard work needed to find each and every Riddler trophy and riddle across the three islands, Arkham Knight is packed full of easy to claim achievements in its story and the DLC. Taking approximately half an hour each, the story driven DLC has an easy 30-50g tucked inside. Not only is Arkham Knight full of quick gamerscore it has one of the best stories of the Arkham franchise full of the vibrant villains that make it one of the best superhero games on the Xbox One.

Rare Replay

Just like I mentioned before with Arkham Knight, Rare Replay isn’t the quickest game to get every achievement in. Instead it makes up for it by the sheer volume of gamerscore available to the player. With a whopping 4000g on  offer the is a great little gem that hands achievements out for simply starting each of the 30 games on the disc. If you are looking to boost your gamerscore and want to do so while playing some classic games from the past three decades you can’t get better game than this.

Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest is a cute little turn-based RPG set on Halloween night where a group of children must fight evil monsters as their costume characters. Despite its uselessness, the Candy Corn costume should be equipped to your second character for the entirety of the game in order to bag the ‘Hardcorn Mode’ achievement. Aside from this and collecting/using all of the cards you will pick up a wealth of ‘cheevos by just navigating through the story. As an added bonus Costume Quest 2 was on Games with Gold last year, so it may be sat in your collection just waiting for you to collect that yummy 1000g!


Constrast is a cryptic puzzle game where you manipulate the shadows to build platforms and navigate through its levels. Contrast throws a nice fat 100g at you for completing each level and a a whopping 200g for finishing the game. A couple of easy-to-find collectibles aside, this is pretty much it and lets you walk away with yet another healthy 1000g!

Forza Horizon 2: Fast and Furious

Some games give you achievements for doing very little, and then there’s the Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious add-on. With driving assists set to full you should bag the full 1000g without pressing anything but the accelerator and the occasional help with turning. With a longevity of about 2-4 hours, this is a great little gamerscore boosting title for anyone who is willing to put up with an otherwise pretty average driving game.


Eekeemoo is a hack ‘n’ slash game that throws gamerscore at you from the get-go. As you journey through its 4-6 hour story you pick up all of the achievements pretty much automatically. Collecting the dark shard hidden in each level will take a small amount of searching and the ‘Kill 250 -zomblings’ achievements for each of the different biomes comes almost immediately when you enter the levels. Chack out our review for more information on this great little indie title.

Lost: Via Domus (360)

More of a persona favourite than anything, Lost Via Domus was infamous for an easy 1000g. There are guides across the internet for finding and solving the island’s mysteries and bagging all that gamerscore!


These are just a few of the many games with easy to reach gamerscore, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and starting building your achievement lists to compete with (and beat) your friends! Leave a comment if you know any other great games for beefing up your gamerscore!