For those of you who don’t know, the year of the rooster is themed around the Chinese new year. Blizzard will host the event on January 24, but the end date of the event hasn’t yet been revealed by them.

Because it’s the year of the rooster event, Mei will receive a new skin to play with.

When we thought, only Mei had the makeover for the event, Korean Overwatch account released a teaser video for the year of the rooster and it featured D.Va in her new skin for the event.

The two previous events Winter wonderland and Halloween terror entertained the fans with some good content with the former having multiple game mode variants, new maps and holiday makeovers, while the latter had new loot boxes and new game modes as well. But, we don’t know what kind of content and how much of it will be added to the year of the rooster event.

From what I perceive from the tagline, “Good luck and great fortune await!”, could be about loot boxes or something related to that. Though not sure about it, we need to wait and see.