Rumours have been floating around the interweb for a few days now, but I’m pleased to announce that Micro Machines has now been confirmed,

Codemasters and Koch media have clarified that the legendary gaming franchise Micro Machines will be racing it’s way onto the Xbox One as well as PS4 and PC on the 21st April 2017.

Micro Machines World Series will retain the manic social game play of the classic franchise, updated with blistering HD visuals that will see the return of the garden, kitchen workshop and many more great locations with a wide array of amazing blistering vehicles.

in addition to classic modes such as Race and Elimination, Micro Machines World Series will introduce battle Arenas which will allow you to wreak mass destruction on a miniature scale against friends or AI.

While Team play will let you work together using unique skills in modes such as Capture the Flag and King of the Hill.

With Game-play at the centre of design, Micro Machines World Series is the ultimate pick up and play experience for gamers of all ages and abilities, offering intuitive, easy to learn controls that make the controller impossible to put down,

Codemasters’ VP Publishing, Jonathan Bunney, commented:
“The original Micro Machines was a breakthrough multiplayer racing game and remains much loved in the gaming community.  We saw great success earlier this year with our free-to-play mobile game but this brand new console title takes the franchise to its greatest levels of multiplayer mayhem and enables you to play with your friends on the same sofa or across the world.”

Bunney continued: “Whether you’ve been playing Micro Machines since the early days or are new to the craziness of racing and battling vehicles across household environments, this incredibly fun experience is a welcome break from all the serious multiplayer alternatives. With the support of Hasbro and being able to feature some of their biggest brands, such as HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS, G.I. JOE, OUIJA and NERF, this represents the very best of social gaming.”

Releasing on 21st April 2017, Micro Machines World Series will support up to 12 players online and four players on the same screen across a variety of racing and battling environments.  Each of the 12 vehicles has it’s own unique load-out of weapons and abilities and the game will launch with a massive range of customization options to further personalise your ride.

Check back at for more news, trailers and reviews as we approach the April release.