Ubisoft has announced a closed beta event that will happen from January 26 to January 29. It’ll give the players an opportunity to see the game and get an idea how it has turned out to be.

Closed beta, also called in simple terms as beta testing, will offer a wide range of 9 hero types to the testers. The 9 hero types will be spread equally across each of the factions. Players choosing the Viking factions can play as a Raider, Berserker or Warlord, Knights faction consist of Conqueror, Warden and Peacekeeper, while Samurai faction have the Orochi, Kensei and Nobushi.

This will allow the players to see how each of these warriors fare in a battle and how useful they are for certain battle situations. Players can then make a feedback out of it and then Ubisoft can do tweaks here and there, and make the game better before its release on February 14. Ubisoft released a new trailer prior to the closed beta event.

Apart from the single player mode, 3 types of multiplayer modes will be available for the testers. The Dominion game mode is a 4vs4 team fight (this would be more fun, if played with friends), then we have the 1vs1 duel fight where you can kick your mate’s butt, and finally we have the 2vs2 brawl mode.

How do you think the game is gonna fare when it releases? You might have your own expectations. Do you think the game will live up to them?