Metrico+ is an indie puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Dutch developer Digital Dreams which was originally released on Playstation Vita back in 2014 but now its ready to be a hit on the Xbox One.

Metrico+ is a game built on strategy in a 2 dimensional world. It’s really hard to explain the concept without me spoiling the nature of the game puzzles, I really do love the way you have to get from point A to point B by completing small tasks. The start of the game brings you into its world slowly asking you to learn how to jump or move objects. By moving in various directions I found this quite helpful and such a great way to understand the mechanics and the way the game works.

Some of the levels can be simple to figure out but seriously some of these can get quite time consuming, especially during the later stages of the game. Trust me you will be breaking a few pads trying to complete certain stages; it really is a challenge.

Most of the levels change shape and based on the location of your character: ledges move and pillars grow or shrink depending on your actions. It can be quite a task working out various options to finally figure out the solution. To move on onto the next section you will find every level is different and certain actions need to be taken in order to progress further.

Metrico quickly changes and becomes so challenging that it will have you pulling out your hair and thinking that you have lost 20 mins or even a hour while doing the same part over and over again. Trust me I am not the brightest button in the box, but this game had me stumped in a few places. However the shear emotion and satisfaction when the level finally clicks and you achieve the unachievable is immense; it really makes you work for the satisfaction you’ll gain from your purchase.

The beautiful coloured backdrops blend into each other and to be honest it’s really nice to look at–you have to see it to believe it. The bright colours and shapes make you feel like you’re taking a walk through your maths homework with all the visual graphs and pie charts, whilst trying to figure out all the puzzles that come at you head on.

Sound-wise Metrico has some nice uplifting beats, but after a while it does get a little bit repetitive and it does get a little tedious but that doesn’t make the game any less playable. I have really enjoyed playing Metrico+, it is a such a great game and to be honest it’s completely different from most games out at the moment.

The transition from PC to console is brilliant; I love how easy it is to use with the Xbox pad to move your character. It is so very simple, and the extra buttons really do help for directing your gun or restarting the level. It really is a nice and smooth game to play on the Xbox One. I originally played Metrico back on the PC about 6 months ago and I was really excited to see how it played against its predecessor. The only big difference is the fact that it feels smoother on console and slightly more fluid. I am guessing the Playstation Vita had the same feeling using similar controls–I will have to try it to compare sometime.

Gamers that are waiting for a story will be sadly disappointed as there really isn’t one, or if there is I really don’t know what to make of it. The only thing I can take away from the game is: however hard your journey is, the more you put into it and sacrifice the greater the gift you will receive. It really is a shame there’s not more of a story than a silhouetted figure running from A to B.

I’ve never felt so alive playing this game it does so much right straight from the start. Metrico takes its concept and twists your brain around over and over again till you either get the problem solved or your brain pops. I like Metrico because of how bizarre and mentally crazy it can be and also for its most annoying sections which have you swinging from the rafters; but realistically how it makes you feel when you finally solve the problem that’s been haunting you. For £11.99 this game is a steal. If you haven’t got any spare cash go find some, it’s worth adding to your downloadable game collection.