Picking up right from the place where the first injustice game left off, its sequel “The lines are redrawn” had its cinematic trailer released recently. Batman’s faction has defeated a tyrannical superman and he is now bound in chains. Injustice 2 starts off with the group pondering on what step has to be taken next.

Putting the storyline aside, we did have a few unexpected new faces to the game. The trailer showed that Brainiac, might be the puppeteer pulling the strings from the shadows and brewing up the fight between the superheroes. You might also see a number of villians who go out playing their natural game. This includes Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley beating the crap out of someone with her baseball bat and deadshot too.

If you look at the trailer closely, you will notice that brainiac’s ship was behind supergirl. This could suggest, though not sure, that Brainiac himself has send supergirl to this timeline.

We need to wait till the developers, do more teasing with the storyline before the game’s release later this year.