Deep Silver have announced the opening of a new study program from within Dambuster Studios. Launching from their Studio in Nottingham, the Deep Silver GamesLab will research into the science of enjoying videogames. Through this program Deep Silver hopes to build a greater understanding of how people play their games.

This new program has opened its doors to all who are eligible and interested, successful participants ultimately becoming part of a bright new gaming future!

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that you are NOT Eligible if you:

– Are under 18 years old

– Currently work or have previously worked in the gaming industry

– Are a games journalist/blogger


Now we have ruled ourselves out of the equation, what about YOU dear reader? If you are lucky enough to live near Nottingham and wish to become part of something that could shape the future of gaming, then click on the link below to the Dambuster website and complete a short form to sign up!

Dambuster Studios GamesLab