Destiny’s developer Bungie announced that a team is working on a new content update, that’ll be available later this year.

On their weekly blog, Bungie teased about the new content update in works.

We know that a new year brings new questions…

“What’s the next stop on our journey?”

“When do we learn about the future?”

For starters, you haven’t heard the last from the Live Team at Bungie. They’re hard at work on another content update that will give you new reasons to fight.

The update is gonna be a live event that’ll happen at the end of a month later this year. Fans are now starting to predict the time of the live event, and some already expect it to come out by february itself. None is sure about that now, even Bungie itself isn’t sure. Last year’s ‘Festival of the lost’ live event was a big disappointment, but ‘The Dawning’ turned out well showing off some impressive stats, with the fans getting many things to do without paying extra money.

We have to wait for some time to know when the live event for the content update will happen.