Ubisoft’s online store has proved to be the source of very important information leaks. Recently, an image was posted on the online store, providing insight to the season pass content for the game.

The images have been removed by Ubisoft now.

Well, it’s too late Ubisoft, our fans and gamers have already got their hands on the information.

Season pass holders can get access to a pack that includes three scavenger crates, a sunbeam emote, an exclusive emblem, 30 day champion status, and additional content to be named later.

Apart from that, season pass holders can get their hands on the deluxe edition of the game too. This will include a unique helmet crest for each of the three factions, a special smoke effect execution, deluxe edition emblems, and champion status for seven days.

The above chart also shows that, there will be 6 new warriors added to all the factions. Since Ubisoft revealed that all downloadable content will be free for this game, the gamers would have to spend their gold on unlocking and using these 6 new warriors. Just like Rainbow six siege, Ubisoft has made the game accessible seven days prior to the official date of release and purchase.

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