Ubisoft have released a comical new trailer to advertise their open beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Set to release on March 7th Ghost Recon Wildlands will be delivering on some rather ambitious open world stealth gameplay plans. So register for the free open beta to find out what the Rainbow Six creators have been cooking up in the Ubisoft labs!

The trailer shows an adorable white cat, the colour of innocence, chasing a red laser around a dingy room filled with tattooed drug lords. A cheery Mexican number crackles through the radio and the young cat gets more and more intent on catching the red dot. When the dot eventually reaches the forehead of an unsuspecting thug, he has only enough time to swipe the cat aside before we are graciously reminded this is a Tom Clancy game. The camera pans around a room full of dead assailants, the white cat licks its paws, nonplussed by the events; are cats ever innocent though?