You might have almost guessed it from the title. Blizzard is out there adding some old school stuff from the game Diablo, to its current games. Why? ‘coz it’s celebrating Diablo’s 20th anniversary.

So, what are the changes is Blizzard bringing about?

Overwatch players have been provided with Diablo sprays for them to go around and litter the maps. With the latest update of 2.4.3 on Diablo 3: Reaper of souls, the game now has a special retro-style dungeon that the players can visit in the adventure mode. Not just that, but the graphics, sound system, controls and more are all made old school as in the first Diablo game. Besides that, Diablo 3 also has dungeons with 16 levels and bosses from the orginal game.

With all these old ingredients to the latest version of the game, the players and fans can re-live some old memories of their game. Take a look at the 20th anniversary celebration.