You could ask, ‘Where is the statue of the warrior I play with?’ Well, you don’t get what you always ask for. It is like the year 2016; you prepare and wish for one thing and get a totally another thing screwing up your expectations. But, some of you might like a change like this, to have your sworn enemy’s statue in your collection.

Gamestop listed the new Apollyon edition which the gamers can preorder. The limited edition of the bundle comes with the gold edition of the game and also includes the following:

  1. 14″ Apollyon statue – Project Triforce created the statue that stands over a feet tall and comprises of every possible detailing of the game’s main antogonist.
  2. Apollyon Lithograph – A high quality exclusive Limited Edition Lithograph of The Warlord of the Blackstone Legion
  3. Apollyon Origins – This title might get you excited. Uncovering the past of your enemy is something all of us would like to do. Go deeper into the battles of the game and find the letter that tells the origins of the Blackstone leader.
  4. Premium collector’s edition packaging.

If you feel the collection looks good enough, hold on! It costs $219.99. But, the price isn’t confirmed yet. The game For Honor is due for release in Feb, 2017.