Winter Wonderland Update for Steam and Xbox ARK Players Unleashes Raptor Claus + Unique Holiday Gifts! Additional Steam Content Delivers 5 New Dinos to Capture, Two New Underwater Caves

Ho-Ho-holy smokes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year again! ARK: Survival Evolved (Steam, Xbox and PS4) prepare for the arrival of Raptor Claus and his load of gifts, both naughty and nice. In the Winter Wonderland 2 event beginning today, ARK survivors will chase the scaly gift-giver around the world as he drops loot, coal and a few new goodies, all of which can be used to craft holiday-themed items. The holly-jolly team at Studio Wildcard also adding a very special surprise holiday item to the PC version of the game…what could it be? The only way to find out is to play (or to watch the trailer to the end)!

Don’t own ARK yet? Here are the ways to play:

  • The Steam’s Winter sale is now live and new players can grab ARK: Survival Evolved on PC/Mac/Linux for a 60% discount, and the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack for 33% off.
  • Download ARK: Survival Evolved and its Expansion Pack Scorched Earth now on Xbox One!