Dec. 21

Blind Delivery

“We got a new game mode, men..

The blind delivery went live..

No minimap, No rifles, No shotguns…

Just handguns and grenades to survive on..

A test of true skill… Show them what we’re made of..”

Dec. 22

The Holiday Truce

“You blokes will be rewarded for your services with a dog tag for each of you..

On top of that, your battle tanks will be re-painted with new skins, like Distinguished SchnucK or the Legendary Desert Gold.

Just log in, today and they’ll be yours for the taking…”

Dec 23-29

“We’re talking ’bout the future here. All of you bastards, will recieve a superior holiday pack..

That shit would contain more valuables and  weapon skins..

Bring the fight with a holiday spirit, fellas..”