In the wind down before Christmas the dust has begun to settle around the broken bodies and shining stars of 2016’s Xbox game releases. With The Game Awards put to bed and the critic’s praise of Overwatch still ringing in our ears we thought we’d reminisce on what games really struck a chord with us in 2016. So I asked the team, and this is what they said:

Leigh – Co-owner

“Game of the year… Tough one because there’s so many good ones. But I will go for Titanfall [2]. With Overwatch a VERY close second. This is because, where opinions went downhill after a pretty impressive launch for Tf1, TF2 released close to the hype machine of Call of Duty and the most anticipated title Battlefield 1. Both of those will outsell Titanfall because of the hype train. But the game that gives the best single player campaign is Titanfall 2, the game that offers the best, most balanced and most impressive multiplayer is Titanfall 2, and with free maps and additions, the game that offers the best value is once again Titanfall 2. It would even hold its own both with audio and graphics making it a clear game of the year for me.”


Colin – Co-owner

Titanfall 2 because it’s well put together and plays like a peach… I like how the game feels when you’re running and jumping off walls it feels so smooth , I love the movements and sounds of the titans as they smash and punch I totally love the whole package it’s 100% best game of the year.” The story they incorporated into Titanfall 2 makes the game it’s so much better than I expected really impressed with this game and for me this is why its the game of 2016.

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Sam – Editor

“Sort of Witcher 3 because of the Blood and Wine DLC. It changes the game’s tone with the visuals [by using] brighter colours bringing to life the jovial atmosphere of Tousainnt. The story is as good as the main game and the sheer size of it is incredible! It’s basically a sequel in size. Couple that with the incredible controls and gameplay of the core game and it’s by far the best DLC I’ve played. Can’t wait for CD project’s next game!”

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Varun – Contributor

Dark Souls 3 because of the gameplay and the mechanics. I’m a huge fan of RPGs. That is the reason why I love Skyrim and Dark Souls. One thing that I like most about Dark Souls 3 is the weapon arts which help you tweak your weapons, spells and armour the way you need it.”

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Stuart – Editor

Forza Horizon 3…”

A worthy competitor for game of the year. Forza Horizon 3 has the most impressive graphics of any car game on Xbox One to date, now looking even better on the new Xbox One S!

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Colleen – Live Streamer

“My game of the year is Overwatch because of the beautiful graphics and the great gameplay.”

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Tom (me) – Editor

How uncultured of me to pick one of 2016’s most generic AAA titles as my GOTY… Battlefield 1 was my most highly anticipated game of 2016; it reintroduced historical warfare by approaching WW1–a period which is rarely recreated in video games–and absolutely nailed it. The War Stories brought me to tears and the online is the best it’s ever been, also the graphics and audio quality are second to none. It’s an absolute behemoth of a game which I will undoubtedly continue to play well into 2017!

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That’s our view on 2016’s biggest and best, but these only only a handful of opinions. So I’ll open this question up to you, our readers:

What was your favourite game of 2016 and why?!