New patch that improves performance of Xbox One version now live

Developer KING Art Games keeps on working on The Dwarves. A new patch has been released for Xbox One to improve performance, whilst a larger update is currently in development that will bring a few fan requests to the game.

With yesterday’s patch, the following problems have been fixed to make the game run smoother:

  • Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances overtaxed the audio processor, resulting in stutter or freezes at some locations
  • Fixed possible audio distortions in a few locations
  • Fixed lag spikes that could occur in random locations, for example Mifurdania Marketplace or outside of Lot-Ionan’s Vault
  • Fixed a glitch that could make it hard to select a waypoint on the world map without getting sick 😉

To further address performance issues – especially during loading times on console – KING Art is currently checking if a new version of the Unity game engine will shorten the time needed to load locations and still guarantee gameplay stability. This next, bigger update is either arriving as a christmas present or very early 2017 and will enhance all versions of the game on all plattforms.

The Dwarves offers massive-scale, tactical battles in real-time and a brand new, physics-based “crowd combat system”, to let the players feel the thrill of fighting hundreds of enemies with only a small bunch of heroes (no pun intended).