Col. : This just in, fellas. We got rumours runnin’ around. We know that Infinite warfare sales have been declining at a steady rate. On that account, a past project might be scheduled to re-open again.

Lt. : I hope at least, this version makes it worthwhile for us, Colonel.

Col. : I hope so too, Lieutenant. It looks like Activision will resume working with Sledgehammer games, to produce the next Call of Duty, located in Vietnam.

Capt. : Wasn’t that project cancelled years back?

Col. : It was, Capt’n. It was named ‘Fog of war’. Later, the project was scrapped and the team moved on to do the devs with Advanced Warfare.

Lt. : And with the failure of Infinite warfare, they are looking to bring a different perspective to the game, I suppose.

Col. : Yes, they are. They are going to bring the next game in the third person view, instead of the usual first person.

Capt. : I’d say, that would suck.

Col. : That is exactly, what the fans and players predict. But Sledgehammer games are confident that, it’d provide a different gameplay experience all together.

Lt. : So, what is our plan?

Col. : We might need to get ourselves ready for Guerllia warfare, boys. We got an year’s time for our training. Let’s make good use of it. Team dismissed.