Bridge Constructor Stunts Review 

Grab hold of your tool kit and your leather gloves this is going to be exciting who would think that building bridges and making stunts would be so much fun. Like the original bridge constructor game you don’t have to become an appraised bridge engineer but you do have to get your truck from the start to finish this is very much like the games before but you will still have to build bridges and re support them in this new addition its all very exciting lets get some tricks done……

As you start the game at firstly you get shown the controls like moving your tow truck forward and breaking its very basic but so much fun, The first few levels consist of getting to the end of the course crossing that finishing flag and collecting stars but don’t forget the almighty golden bolt i am not sure what this is for but hopefully one day i will find out soon.

The building side of the game is quiet complex you have to really think and decide how to put your support beams in the right place cause if you get it wrong your world….I mean bridge will come crashing down and your poor stunt driver will end up in the emergency room with a few broken bones.


At first i was puzzled at the lack of bridges but after about four levels in the first campaign you get to build your own ramps for your unique jumps and stunts……finally its time to rock and do some kick ass stunts and catch some sweet air……but remember that you need to collect your stars these give you a higher score which the more you collect the more you can build, The first world / campaign wont take you long to get through as there is only six short and quick stages but keep this in mind the levels do progress into harder and more challenging later down the line.

By the time you reach the third of the six campaigns the game kinda realizes at this point you should know what your doing and starts to chuck trickier and harder challenges at you like the challenge where you have to build a bridge and propel yourself through a building collect the star do a back flip and land correctly just in time to go over the finishing line.


Some stage of the game you have banned areas where you can’t build bridges or ramps which really puts your mind into over drive planing and making sure your have the perfect route is a task in itself in other words get your protractor out and get them angles right if you wanna make it to the end of the level as i was saying before as the stages get harder some stages the star collecting is optional but in others its a must. Fail to do this and you have to do all your hard work again sucks hay but it wouldn’t be a good game if it was easy.


The music and sound effects are quiet nice it really puts you in the mood to smash through the broken box’s and all the various construction site objects, The graphics are easy on your eyes It’s brilliant fun, and teeth grindingly gripping  Bridge Constructor Stunts is seriously well put together game .

If your looking to play a game and take a break from the bigger titles and just kick back and have some fun this will be the game for you i promise you wont be disappointed.