When it comes to varied weapons, Destiny is a boss. You can come across a lot of weapons that you can choose from. You may like some for their names, some for their visualisations and some for their combat effect.

Well, here is my opinion on the top 15 weapons in Destiny.

1. Thorn


Where: You can find this in the ‘Complete associated exotic bounty’.

Why: The reason why I like this gun is because it continues to injure your opponents even after the bullets hit them. You can hide for cover, but you can’t survive!

2. Event Horizon


Where: Crucible Quartermaster, tower

Why: This gun has a Shortgaze and a Hidden Hand which make it easier to take down the Guardians in a more quick and precise manner.

3. The Palindrome


Where: Crucible Quartermaster, tower

Why: The palindrome comes with an amazing range of attack, a recoil assist and a bigger magazine limit. Probably, the best hand cannon around.

4. Red Death


Where: With Xur

Why: This pulse rifle has high impace and once you level it up, you can replenish your health faster and increase reload speed. This would help you to take down a quick succession of enemies.

5. Quantiplasm


Where: Wrath of the machine raid

Why: This weapons will boost your sprint speed, armour and agility. But they do come at a cost of reload time and low stability. However, this weapon is good for 1vs1 battles.

To be continued…