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6. Zhalo Supercell


Where: With Xur

Why: When you level up this gun, it serves as an excellent balance between PvE and PvP. To make the most of it, unlock the Bolts from the Blue and you can use this gun to do a chain-lightning attack on a group of enemies at the same time.

7. Outbreak Prime


Where: Wrath of the Machine raid Exotic quest

Why: This pulse rifle manages to balance between PvE and PvP. With ‘The Corruption Spreads’ perk, the gun offers bonus fallen damage and with ‘Virulence’ it is capable to unleashing a swarm of Nanites on the opponents.

8. BoneKruscher


Where: Vanguard vendor, tower

Why: This gun comes in handy when you are overwhelmed by the enemies on all sides. Use the ‘Crowd control’ perk on this gun and the damage inflicted will be higher with each of the kills before.

9. Last Ditch 001


Where: Dead Orbit Vendor, tower

Why: The impact with this gun is huge enough to take down the Guardians and Servitors. Unlock the perks like CQB Ballistics, Quickdraw, Hammer Forged, and Rangefinder and you will be bossing around everything.

10. Khvostov


Where: Complete associated exotic bounty

Why: This auto-rifle can switch from full-auto fire to semi- or burst-fire and modify your fire rates. Just tweak the gun with the respective perks and you can go kick some ass with this baby.

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