Psyonix, the development studio behind the global phenomenon that is Rocket League are releasing even more new content this Wednesday 7th December to all platforms.

The Starbase ARC update introduces a free space themed arena created in homage to Psyonix’s earlier title: ARC Squadron. The arena is based on an octagonal space station which orbits a desert planet in a far-away galaxy. Goals scored prompt explosive laser fire and the space around the arena is constantly lit up by a furious celestial battle creating an intense atmosphere.

Along with the arena, a new premium DLC car will be on sale. The Vulcan is shown in the trailer above, although I can guarantee it will make you pull off miraculous aerial’s like those in the video…

Lastly a fan requested feature Custom Training is being implemented which enables players to create their own training sequences for other people to try. These sequences will be easy to upload via alphanumeric codes.