Bethesda Softworks UK have released 8 minutes of brand new gameplay showing some of the key components of their upcoming game: Prey. In the video below Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare from Arcane Studios give us a tour of Talos 1 and reveal lots of juicy details concerning weapons, abilities, aliens and gameplay mechanics.

For those who remember the original Prey (2006), you will be familiar with some aspects such as the interesting weapons, intelligent anti-gravity mechanics, and horrific monsters — however under the new reigns of Arcane StudiosPrey is looking more and more unique each time we see it.

Much like with Dishonored 2, increased emphasis has been put on RPG elements, with an open map and a power wheel which offers multiple ways of approaching puzzles and combat scenarios. With a Resident Evil-esque inventory system and a scarcity of ammo, Prey has a definite survival horror feel to it; and the atmosphere aboard Talos 1 seems frighteningly familiar. With Alien Isolation still fresh in many gamers’ nightmares, Prey’s aliens look to have similar intentions to Isolation’s Xenomorph!

With Dishonored 2 bringing in fantastic reviews, we can expect Arcane Studio’s newest project to be similarly great. Having played the original I found myself disliking the angry protagonist… But lets give him a chance; injecting stuff into your eyeballs wouldn’t exactly make you the most cheerful fella — even Bioshock’s Andrew Ryan was cringing watching that one!