Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (Xbox One)  Review

Darksiders was first released nearly 7 years ago on the Xbox 360, and was an absolute gem, mixing the dark and intriguing story of the four horseman of the apocalypse, and providing a fun, unique and well made game, for those that missed out, the choice is £14.99 on Xbox 360 or £15.99 on Xbox One for the remaster, so it’s a pretty obvious choice, but for people who had the game on the 360, there’s the big question on whether or not revisiting hell is worth the price of admission.


The battle between good and evil has bene gong on many years, but when you have a third-party that’s fallen out with just about everyone, things get nasty pretty quickly. War, of the four horseman of the apocalypse is awoken from his lumber and approaches earth to answer his summoning.  All hell as broke loose and demons and angels fight in the streets.

After almost getting whipped by an angry demon, War has to face up to the consequences as his seal wasn’t broken, and instead he is branded with attacking the earth and causing epic proportions of damage that lead to the end of human life on earth.

To make up for this, War is allowed to return to earth to live out his sentence, but also allowing him the pathway to try to get to the bottom of why he was summoned in the first place, if all the seals of the horseman where not broken.


Soon after this introduction, zapped of your powers, you have to work your way through a couple of stages meeting the better demons and beating those who even the devil himself wouldn’t want round for tea and biscuits.]Graphically there’s a considerable step up over the original, but the base foundations are still a 7-year-old game.

It’s certainly not a poor performance, I’ve played many next-gen remakes, and some only 3 or 4 years after their original release have looked considerably worse. Add to this the silky smooth frame rate, it’s a very good rendition of the original.

Sound has also received a little work, and characters sound clear and precise while keeping their meat personalities, it’s really quite tough to be critical for graphics or audio when we know the base material is well over half a decade old.


Your quest for vengeance carries you across a variety of locations through the demon infested wastelands and the now decimated planet Earth, on your journey, you’ll meet a variety of regular characters most of which have a demonic charm, while others are just as annoying as the developers intended for them to be.  While progress is smooth and fluent, you’ll occasionally have to backtrack through areas, though this is kept to a minimum.  Generally beating on of the larger boss characters will unlock a new power that will enable you to traverse a new area and proceed on your quest.

It’s all very well put together, but that doesn’t answer the question of whether Darksiders is worth the return.


Next-gen remasters remind me of sleeping with an ex-girlfriend, going back years later, impressed by how stunning it now looks, and remembering how much fun we had together. But then it comes to the crunch, years have passed, and you’ve since had much, much better.

Obviously you’ll need a few perks to make it worth-while and that’s why we so commonly see DLC bundles or extra bits added on, just to entice us back in.. Darksiders Warmastered Edition doesn’t give the games value of DLC, it doesn’t add hundreds of exclusive images or trailers, it’s just the same game that looks, sounds and feels considerably better.

If the price of admission was £30-£40 my view would be completely different, but at £15/£16, Darksiders Warmastered edition finds itself very highly recommended, it’s fun, looks great and at this price, it doesn’t matter if you’re not quite making the same play-time as the original, and for those who missed out the first time, you can redeem yourself by following this link and purchasing Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (Xbox One) from Amazon right away.