Fixed Issues


  • No trespassing whilst dressed as a Chef in Paris.
  • Fixed issues that could cause multiple opportunities in Paris to fail, depending on your actions. Good for you agent.
  • You can no longer vault into inaccessible locations in Paris.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the light rig in Paris to also cause damage in the basement


  • No inconsistent trespassing of boundaries in Sapienza.
  • The ‘Mission Accomplished’ music will not be heard during the cinematic following The World of Tomorrow.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the ‘Open Sesame’ opportunity in Marrakesh to fail, instead of being completed
  • No inconsisten trespassing of boundaries in Marrakesh.
  • The documents will no longer be lost when using the ‘push’ prompt on Matthieu Mendola in ‘A House Built on Sand’.
  • The crowd and helicopter sounds will no longer be heard in some parts of the tunnel in Marrakesh
  • Fixed an issue where starting combat in the school will alert all guards on the map in Marrakesh.


  • You can no longer ‘blend-in’ without the correct disguise in Bangkok. You are a pro assassin. Act like one. Disguise yourself well.
  • No invisible wall in the atrium in Bangkok.
  • Jackie Carrington’s routine will no longer get stuck in Bangkok.
  • You will not be detected by the guards if you disguise yourself in a non-trespassing area, after being detected in another disguise in a trespassing area. Make the most of it, 47.


  • The hay bale in Colorado will now drop when shot.
  • A door in Sean Rose’s room can now be opened by Rose’s Room Key.
  • It is now possible to complete the Freedom fighters mission.

PC- Specific

  • Cinematics between mission will not drop to 19 fps anymore.
  • All tabs in the ‘Replanning’ screen are now selectable.
  • Framerate will no longer stutter during a fight, with DX12.

That’ll be it, 47.