I’ll be briefing you today, agent. Let’s cut to the chase. IO has launched a set of updates for the month of November and further updates are to be provided in Decemeber which would involve a lot of additional features and tweaking. So, take a look at them agent. It is important to check it out and plan your assassination as a contract killer. You’re gonna have your hands full this time.

The significant update that was released this month was the ‘Offline profile’. This will provide you access to your collectibles even when you are offline. You can get your dirty hands on the weapons, gears, challenge pack unlocks and elusive target rewards any time you want.

As an assassin, it is good to have a track on your progress. The update also adds checkmarks to successfully completed challenges. That should make it easier for you to keep track of your missions and challenges.

The pause menu is now modified with the removal of the world map from the background. The menu will display the current in-game moment instead.

The most important of ’em all. There is a new elusive target in Marrakesh. Finish the target, 47. The briefing is over. Here are the further details on the updates. Get to work.


Offline Profile

  • All unlockable items are saved to the offline profile, making them accessible when not online.
  • The items will include Weapons, gears, challenge pack unlocks and elusive target rewards.


  • Different issues were fixed across all locations which previously led to crashes and unstability.

Completion checkamrk

  • Completed opportunities are now marked with checkmarks. This will help you take a look back at completed opportunities and track your progress while trying to fetch an achievement.

Silent Assassin

  • The scoring screen will display ‘Silent Assassin’, when you complete a mission with that rating.

Statistics page update

  • The page has been reconstructed with new visual treats that will display completed challenges, mastery level and overall location.

Pause Menu

  • The world map is replaced with the current in-game moment for the pause menu

Mission accomplished screen update

  • The mission accomplished screen will show the last frame of the exit sequence rather than fading to black.

Contracts mode ‘Success rate’

  • After playing a contract, the menu will display a checkmark if it is completed or a cross if the contract is failed to complete.

Pull the enemy

  • Congragulations agent. You will now have the ability to pull people over balconies or windows when they are hanging on the edge of the balcony or window.

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