The trailer of Tekken 7 which is due to release in 2017, was telecasted recently at the Golden Joystick awards. It packed a hell a lot of action sequences to it, to make you want the game much sooner than its release. The cinematic cut-scenes look badass with such intensity while the regular in-game fight scenes have improvised as well.

The excitement is real when you see that Tekken is doing a crossover with Streetfighter. Yeah! You heard me right. A character from Streetfighter is being roped in, which looks to gather fans and players of both the games to play Tekken. Old school marketing strategies if you ask me.

Speaking of the crossover, which character do you like to be brought in? Ryu? Ken? or someone else? Maybe you should take a look at the trailer and see for yourself. The ‘Devil’ himself is coming to join the party.