What type of gamer are you?!

What a strange way to catagorise oneself! Many social media posts and polls bring this question up in various guises, but I find it impossible to answer. Of course there is a considerable amount of ambiguity surrounding the meaning. Does it mean: What type of games do you play? Or maybe: How frequently? For how long? Socially or competitively? On what device? — if we are even talking about video games that is!


Granted, some people do only play a certain type of game and sit rigidly in their defined category. For me though I find myself meandering between genres and devices on random time frames depending on mood, or money, or free time. Although having more time allows you to play longer, more complex games like strategy or RPG titles; I think it is your mindset which determines what type of gamer you are at any given time.

Different types of games require varying levels of input, this is what makes them entertaining. A game like the Witcher 3 requires you to think; to follow conversations and plot points in order to immerse yourself in the fantasy of its world. For gamers looking for a quick fix, this isn’t your number one choice. A game like Call of Duty or Fifa, whilst being of entirely different genres, each offer a short path to the best gameplay experience. You can see how the temporal aspect comes in: people with little gaming time will choose a more instant gaming fix.



However, I consider myself to have a lot of spare time, and even then I can rarely fathom the concentration for anything less mind-numbing than a game of Battlefield. I have XCOM 2 sitting shiny-new in its box, I haven’t yet finished Dark Souls 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition, and this is because I’m going through a phase. It doesn’t make me an FPS gamer ONLY though, and this is where I struggle with the concept of different types of gamers. Need I write an entire CV? I’m a moderately competitive, social, frequent, shooter, rpg, action-adventure, horror, strategy player with interests in… No.

Labeling and catagorising things and people is something we all tend to do. Usually it’s harmless; it’s a conversation starter and something to have in common. But it can often be detrimental, giving people false pre-conceptions based on stereo-types or common traits. This is a wider issue in society, but an example in the gaming world could be as simple as a “CoD gamer” talking to a “CS:GO gamer”, or even a PC gamer and a console gamer. The pre-conceptions attached to either can be enough to alienate one another, despite the possibility that they may have plenty in common really!


Anyway! Moving on! (You were warned about it being an opinion article!)

There are so many levels to address when working out the type of gamer you are. It’s fun to compare and talk about it, but as with anything, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. With the gaming industry expanding at an impressive rate, innovative projects being undertaken, and boundaries being pushed — it’s worth branching out and trying something new anyway! At 23 I’m already bringing up this kind of quote, “You never know until you try” — and despite being a very parent-like thing to say, it perfectly encapsulates my experience of gaming. I’d have never found the Dark Souls series if I didn’t take the leap and try it.

This all reminds me of a (pretty dreadful) film called Divergent. Where there are several different sectors which have a defined function in a dystopian society. Am I an odd outsider (Divergent) because I like mixing up my Skyrim with my Titanfall? Would you consider yourself part of one specific type of gamer category?