So, am back after the energy drink. Let’s get on with the next set of collectibles.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 10


The tenth helmet in the game can be found in a room with the raised platform in the middle. Go to the far-right of the room and you’ll find a small alcove. Jump out of BT and take the helmet. It is at this time, Off the Beaten Path achievement will be unlocked. I hope you took the blue pill at the beginning.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 11


Once you collect the 10th one, turn around and head underneath the platform and through a hole in the wall. Jump across to the ledge on the other side. Then turn right and jump again. You will find the helmet among the bushes. Well that is a ridiculous place to find a helmet if you ask me.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 12


Enter the plant that crushes trees. You will have to engage with some enemies there. After that, head down a narrow corridor with a big drop to your left. Get ready, as like a thriller movie, you turn your head slowly to the other direction and some foes will come to kill you. Yes, that is what you should precisely do. Turn left instead of right and you will be chased down by a large group of enemies. Well, this ain’t a zombi apocalypse. Jump out of the BT and take them all out. Now look up and you will find a pipe running above the rock wall to the drop below. Jump onto one of the ledges on the rock wall. Jump on to the concrete walls and do a short wall-run. Then double jump to the pipes. Make your way around that pipe to find the 12th helmet.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 13


Reach the open chamber with the aircraft directly in front of you when you enter the chamber. Jump out of BT and head to the edge of the platform. Look down and you will notice some ledges. Jump onto one of them and then look above. You can find a helmet hovering above you.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 14


After the fire-fight in the second chapter, wall-run to the far pipe and follow it around until it comes to an end at two yellow walls. Wall-run, jump, wall-run again and then jump again halway along the second wall to your right. This will make you land on a ledge. From here you can see another ledge with some trees on it. Jump to that ledge to get the helmet.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 15


This helmet is located along the fabricated housing assembly line. This might sound crazy, but to get there you have a ride a platform with a dummy on it. Annihilate your enemies and get to the highest platform. Turn left and you will find an area full of enemies. Man, not again!! Deal with them and you will notice a helmet on a pipe.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 16


The production line will have housing units fused to the wall. Begin your climb to the top of the structure. Half-way up, you will find a waterfall on the other side of the room. Wall-run to reach a platform and leap to the next one. The helmet will be hidden behind the waterfall.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 17


At the start of chapter 3, you will be activating the tower with all the pods in it. Jump over the first two pods and then leap to the tower beside it. Climb one of the pods to your left, then double jump and do wall-run to reach a pod to your right. Look left and you will see the helmet hovering above you. Jump to add it to your collections.

Mission – Into the Abyss : Pilot Helmet 18


Fight your way to the top of the domed area. You will see a large chasm with a converyer belt of walls being moved across. Wall-run along one of these walls and get to the ledge outside. The helmet will be present there.

Whoa! I have to say treasure hunting can be hard even in videogames, let alone in real life. I think that’s a hard day’s work. Let’s camp here tonight and continue the journey tomorrow.

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