If you are reading this, it means you have no idea that such collectibles exist or you gave up searching for them. I have to agree that sometimes it is hard to search every nook and corner of the map especially when you are just focussed on the missions at hand. Titanfall’s gameplay is known to be scintillating with invisible cloaking, parkouring, zip-lining and jumping across everything. In addition to that it comes with many pilot helmets as collectibles, located at different points on different missions. Speaking of pilot helmets…


Having said that with the matrix meme, I offer you two choices. Red pill – You get to know where the collectibles are, but there will be spoilers if you are playing the game for the first time. Blue pill – You can read about the collectibles here but first you need to complete the campaign. So what is it going to be Neo?

Whichever pill you choose, gear up! Remember, this is enemy territory. Shoot everything that moves.

Mission Pilot Gauntlet – Pilot Helmet 1


We all have the age old habit of skipping the tutorial for any game we play. Well, if you need to find the first pilot helmet, you need to break our gamer code of skipping them.  This helmet can be found in the timed gauntlet at the end of the tutorial. It’ll be present in the final chamber of the gauntlet. First take down every holographic soldier, make a double-jump, do a wall-run and finally land on the platform where the last hologrpahic soldier stood on. I am panting just my imagining these stunts!! Anyway, across the room you will find the helmet.

Mission BT 7274 – Pilot Helmet 2


Five minutes into the mission, follow the path that is supported by lit walls on both sides. Surf the path until you find a destroyed escape pod. Just beside the pod, you shall find the second one.

Mission BT 7274 – Pilot Helmet 3


This mission has 2 helmets. The next one will be located on the way to find the second power core for BT. After collecting the battery, drop through the remains of the ship and slide down a short hill. At the base of the hill, you will find a floating helmet on a platform across a canyon. Now double-jump, wall-jump across the scrap metal sticking out of the wall and jump to reach it.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 4


The fourth one is pretty well hidden. Bring down a bunch of titans in your first big battle. After that, walk into the drains, turn right where you find the Tone loadout and then stop after a few seconds into the tunnel. There will be a pipe to your right. Disembark from BT, climb the pipe and follow it until you drop onto some crates. You will see a helmet floating by a corpse of a pilot. Keep it safe. That is a memento from a fallen fellow warrior.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 5


There will be a point where you will come up against two titans inside a chamber. Shoot the hell out of them until they are toast. After that, jump onto the platform to your right where you entered. Then head up the stairs to the left and jump onto the pipes right in front of you. You will find the helmet floatingn near on of the two cylindrical tanks. Double jump to get to the collectible.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 6


After BT tells you that there are friendly allies nearby, find a pair of amber-lit pipes. Follow these pipes to a wall where the friendlies will come in contact with you. Turn left and you will come across a platform. Jump onto the pipe beside you and then double jump to get to the platform where you will find the helmet.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 7


This helmet is tricky to find. There will be a firefight happening between the militia and the IMC across a large pool of toxic waste. The IMC will be shooting at you from a raised area which has a lot of vehicles on it. Gun down the initial wave of soldiers and bots and head through the doorway which will now be open. Then turn left.


The helmet will be present at the far end of the waste filled chamber. Do a double jump and wall-run across the wall to your left. Continue with the amazing spiderman skills without jumping off the wall. Let the wall-run take you off the edge and you will find yourself in mid-air. Turn left and make a boost to the far left wall. Then do a double jump to reach the pipe that has the helmet.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 8


Open the doorway with a green switch. Look up and you will see the helmet on the high platform. Jump onto the large yellow pipes, turn 180 degrees and wall-run to the pipe across the room. Then double-jump back to the same wall and quickly jump away from the platform and jump again to reach it. The helmet will be found on a railing.

Mission Blood and Rust – Pilot Helmet 9


Get to the large cylindrical room with waste pouring down. Climb the two platforms to the left, turn 180 degrees and then do a wall-run to the pipe. Double-jump, wall-run along the yellow line then again double-jump to reach it.

Phew!! All these jumping, swinging and running made me sweat. Hold on. I’ll be right back. Gotta drink some energy drink to boost up for the next part.

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