Recently Mike Ybarra tweeted this :


Win beta jumped to the conclusion that this means the vanilla Xbox One console will be displaying blu-rays in 4K, they seemed to miss a very important fact.

The Blu-ray app doesn’t currently upscale movies to 4K,

With this, I obviously refer to the Xbox One S console, which would explain the tweet perfectly, afterall the dashboard and all games are upscaled to 4K, but using the Blu-Ray app, resides in 1920x1080p, unless you’re watching a 4K Blu-Ray.

X-Box One S

But all is not lost, because the Xbox One HDMI version1.4, is capable of outputting a 4k resolution, but only at 24 frames per second, this would be more than good enough for movies, so all isn’t lost for those hoping for some 4K love on their vanilla Xbox One console.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the Xbox One S and it’s HDMI 2.0 is capable of 4k at 50/60fps, which is obviously perfectly fine for gaming, and that my friends is why the Xbox One won’t ever get 4K gaming,

I made the switch to the One S, and considering the price and package, I highly recommend it.