He’s off the top turnbuckle, landing straight across the chest of his opponent and he’s down for the pin, 1….. 2…………………

Fans of 90’s Wrestlers, such as Wrestlefest, might want to check out the Indiegogo page, because it looks like Chikara Action Arcade Wrestling could be heading to the Xbox One in the not too distant future.

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How will the match end, who’s going to win, and will he grab a chair from the crowd or use a fireball against his unwilling opponent, the only way you can fond out is by checking out Chikara action arcade wrestling, which was green-lit on steam in just ten days, and is now on the verge of a monumental victory to claim the crowdfunding championship.


For over 14 years, the global cult phenomenon CHIKARA has dazzled wrestling fans with its over-the-top high-flying lucha libre style. Now, we are excited to announce the development the officially licensed CHIKARA video game… CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling!

Game Controls:


Why CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling?

Sometimes fans of football video games are in the mood to play simulation games like Madden. Other times, they’re in the mood to play crazy arcade interpretations like NFL Blitz. Both are a tribute to the game of Football, but each of them takes a totally different and very fun approach to the sport.

Similarly, there have been many great simulation wrestling games over the years. We, like many wrestling fans (and fans of video games in general) have enjoyed games like No Mercy, Fire Pro Wrestling and the latest WWE 2K series. CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (CAAW) takes the video game interpretation of professional wrestling in a totally “CHIKARA” direction… over-the-top, no-limit, arcade action. It’s the NFL Blitz of wrestling!

CAAW’s ultimate goal is to bring back the fun, old-school arcade-style pro wrestling games once found in arcades and 16-bit home consoles. But we want to bring it back in a way that also takes advantage of features found in modern wrestling and fighting games as well… including online play, an extensive creation suite and multiple match variations.