EA Dice have released a whopping 2.5 gigabyte update implementing a daunting number of modifications, balances, and fixes to their newest game Battlefield 1. Here is a shortened, slightly cut down version of the changes you can expect to see!


General Changes

  • The Operations game mode will be receiving major balance fixes in favor of the attacking side by: increasing overall tickets (formerly 150), decreasing time to capture on points, and increasing the maximum recharge of tickets upon killing retreating defenders (from 30-50 on 64 player servers).
  • Conquest on Suez is getting a complete overhaul, with 2 new flags being added and some houses being removed from village capture points to make recapturing easier.
  • Squad orders are becoming more meaningful with squad leaders being demoted for ignoring requests and orders. Read patch notes for more details!
  • Rush mode now uses the same weather sequence for both rounds.
  • In War Pigeon the pigeon is visible from a longer distance away
  • Rent a server and multiplayer custom games are now available features.
  • The quit button is now available at any given time after a round ends.
  • Fixes include: gameplay and bug fixes, resolution and graphical fixes, respawn issue fixes (especially with vehicle classes), and many more!



Map Alterations

  • Tweaked combat area and fixed terrain destruction depth on Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge.
  • Fixes to spawn points including vulnerable airplane spawns on Empire’s Edge in Operations and general player spawns in War Pigeon.
  • Fixed problems with invisible walls and terrain gaps on a number of maps.
  • Objects causing vaulting problems have been fixed.
  • Fires on the ground in Amiens now cause more damage to players.
  • On Empire’s Edge the Heavy Machine Gun near ‘G’ flag (on Conquest) has been removed.
  • Fixed client/server desync issues where players could fire through the bunker’s double doors on Monte Grappa.


User Interface Changes

  • No longer are horses and vehicles with 0 health drawn on the map.
  • Fixes to spelling errors and overlapping texts.
  • Armoured train now has correct colour if hostile (red).
  • Fixed bug where unselected team mates still showed as ‘under-fire’.
  • Fixes to actions such as captures and repairs not showing up.
  • Fixes to wrong amount of collected awards post-match.
  • Weapon skin option now available for browsing even when player hasn’t unlocked it.
  • Fixes to overlapping screens and icon jitters.
  • Added missing front line visuals on globe for Operation Kaiserschlacht, Conquer Hell and Iron Walls.
  • Added option to filter the kill log to all, squad, self, or nearby.
  • Fix to tracked medal not showing up in the pause menu of a match.


Gameplay and Weapon/Gadget Alterations

  • There are a huge amount of buffs being applied to the Support class. Guns are becoming more viable medium range options with tweaks to suppression range, aimed accuracy and first shot recoil. Also low weight machine guns now gain accuracy quicker during repeated fire and have bipods attached
  • Hellriegel overheats more slowly but has increased vertical recoil.
  • The Mle 1903 and Repetierpistole M1912 have faster deploy times and subsequent animation speeds.
  • Buckshot multipliers have been balanced so the damage done is more consistent and less erratic.
  • Limpet mines are now indestructible until the timer runs out.
  • Gas and incendiary tripwire bomb count now 2 instead of 1 per soldier.
  • Major changes to mortars making them less overpowered and more of a tactical choice. Decreasing maximum damage radius (especially during rapid fire), whilst offering smoke mortars in addition to regular mortar shells.
  • Rifle grenades nerfed by implementing a delay between shots, and a decrease in blast radius depending on which type of grenade you use.


Weapon/Gadget Bug Fixes

  • Removed delay on firing after putting down a gadget or throwing a grenade.
  • Fixes to reload times of the Autoloading 8 and accidental reload cancellation with the MG Lewis.
  • Fixes to ADS reticle and iron sights not showing up on the Gewehr 98 Marksman and Hellfighter Trench respectively.
  • Selbstlader 1906 Factory, Autoloading 8 .35 Factory and Marksman now resupply 10 bullets at a time.
  • Mortar only usable by player who deployed it, also fixes were applied where mortars could be placed inside objects, and they are now easier to deploy.
  • Fixed issue with sticking toggle zoom with rocket gun and Tankgewehr. 
  • Increased time to draw and keep out melee weapon – avoids players accidentally brandishing their knife in a gun fight.


Vehicle Balances and Fixes

  • Fortress gun does more damage to vehicles and infantry (I thought it was already pretty lethal!).
  • Planes: Increased effectiveness of fighters against bombers; as well as increases to damage of K bullets (Scout) against all aircraft.
  • Cavalry soldier less vulnerable to headshots as damage has been decreased. Also AT grenades thrown from horseback have a longer range.
  • Artillery Truck shells have a reduced bullet drop but a decreased damage with distance.
  • There may now be 6 vehicle deployed mines on a map instead of 3.
  • The Armoured Train on Suez has had a 57mm AT gun replaced with a more powerful mortar.
  • There are also tonnes of fixes and alterations applied generally to many vehicle traits.



In addition to all these multiplayer fixes there are also fixes made to audio and to the campaign which are all detailed in a post EVEN longer than this one on the official Battlefield website…

…and by the time you’ve finished reading all the patch notes listed on here your download may have finished!

Hopefully the update will address all of the qualms you may have about Battlefield 1 so far. If not, then Dice is always open to suggestions on making their game as good as it can possibly be.