When ARK was first released I spent plenty of time surviving, establishing a base and training kick ass dinosaurs to gaurd my fort. Sadly the novelty soon wore off, but Tek Tier could be the perfect reason to head back to the jungle.



The forthcoming update certainly wouldn’t look out of place with Call of Duty’s Sci-Fi direction, so maybe Activision are keeping a close eye on this one.
Tek Tier is described as endgame content in ARK’s crafting system that rewards hard-working players with awesome sci-fi armor, weapons, structures and gear.

The TEK Tier will put players in power armor granting them advanced abilities, and add powerful TEK saddles with mounted energy weapons to the capabilities of some favorite dinos. Want to snipe at enemy tribes with a plasma rifle while tearing across the map with a jet pack? How about living under the ocean in a vacuum sealed Underwater Base, fully protected from the hazards of land and sky? Look for all of this and much more as the TEK Tier rolls out in free updates to ARK: Survival Evolved in the coming weeks and months.

ARK: Survival Evolved is in development for Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program and is currently playable in Microsoft’s Game Preview on Xbox One.