Xur, the trader who sells exotic items for strange coins is back again for the weekend. This time he is present on the top of a reef and is shouting into the air. Well, I think he’s drunk a lot. This is what happens when you have weird exotic items in your store and you can’t find anyone to sell them to.

Anyway, the following are the items, he is gonna sell.

  1. Monte Carlo (Exotic Auto Rifle) – 23 Strange Coins (SC)
  2. Twilight Garrison (Exotic Titan Chest Armour) – 13 SC
  3. Fr0s5-EE5 (Exotic Hunter boots) – 13 SC
  4. Apotheosis Veil (Exotic Warlock Helmet) – 13 SC
  5. Legacy Exotic Engram (Primary Weapon) – 29 SC
  6. Prototype (Ornament for Truth) – 25 Silver Dust (SD)
  7. The Wolves Remember (Ornament for The Young Wolf’s Howl) – 25 SD

Okay now that we have the items listed here, let us see which are good to use and which aren’t. The weakest weapon is Twilight Garrison. It allows you to dodge in the air and comes in handy during fake outs in the Crucible and makes traversing through big mobs of enemies in PvE safer.

The Apothesis Veil immediately regenerates your health, grenade and melee energy when you trigger your super. The Voidwalkers don’t benefit much from it, but for Sunsingers and Stormcallers it buff’s weapons. The Sunsingers can use it as a barrage during close-range combat if you have the flame shield activated on the melee weapon. For the Stormcallers, it can be used with electro-hands provided the perpetual charge is activated.

Hunters can use the Fro85. It improves your response times for turns during sprinting, allowing you to evade threats while on the move. The best part is, during these movements the aim stays intact with improved sensitivity. They even reduce the grenade and melee recharge times by half. This is the best exotic you can get from Xur this weekend. Poor guy, he gets high to sell some good stuff for you. Tip him some extras if you have.

Finally we have the Monte Carlo: a fast, powerful mid-range rifle. The melee recharge rate increases with the Monte Carlo, and it is so fast that you can recharge your melee as soon as you kill an enemy. The best idea is to use this rifle as a combo with other weapons. Sunsingers will be an unstoppable juggernaut if they use this along with their flame shield.


PS – You need to make an appointment with Xur. He doesn’t deal with traders all the time. The time is 10am UK on Sunday. And make sure you don’t steal his booze. It pisses him off.