Grab the popcorn, some friends, and willpower, as there is a new multiplayer game coming in early 2017 worthy of attention. Circuit Breakers looks to combine frantic shooting, intense gameplay, and couch-coop.

Currently in development by Triverske—their first major title—Circuit Breakers is “designed as a classic arcade machine shooter. This means wild top-down shooting using classic joystick-style controls. Circuit Breakers features seven different characters; all who play in their own unique style, as well as randomly generated levels. This is good news since the game employs permadeath, meaning players won’t have to replay the same levels previously completed if, or when they bite the dust.

Everything from weapons to environments is hand designed, which should give players a breath of fresh air. Speaking of which; Circuit Breakers is going to be one of the few console games of this generation to offer offline six-player co-op action, exclusively on Xbox One. Of course lone wolfs are accepted too: the game looks to cater to any number of players with scaling difficulty based upon said number.

Circuit Breakers aims to be the sort of game players might jump in and out of for a quick break; for some simple, fun action. Check out the announcement trailer below.