The holiday update is upon us, and details have been announced including some exciting new features including: Clubs, Looking for Group, Achievement Rarity and Group Messaging!

Today Major Nelson released a post alongside a walkthrough video which sheds light on how each new feature works. Why should you be interested though? Because these improvements will greatly increase positive player interaction, not only on the Xbox One but across platforms to the Xbox App and Windows 10!

Joining or creating a club is advantageous as it is simple. They make it easier to share content, start parties and play games with other gamers who have similar interests. Being able to access your clubs from the Xbox App means you can receive updates whilst you’re away, on your tablet or phone. Within the community tab you will be able to search for clubs; though clubs associated with a particular game will also be easily found on that title’s game hub.

Looking for Group
Finally you won’t need to send mass invites out to recent players to find a good fireteam on Destiny, or a set of companions for zombies on Call of Duty. Major Nelson says it’s “like posting a gaming “want-ad””—basically an quick and easy way to find players seeking a similar goal. You can add specifications as to the type of experience you’re looking for (i.e. Horde, wave 50), and other gamers can contact you from there.


Achievement Rarity
Rare achievements are Xbox’s way of making your achievements mean something, so you can compare your prizes with friends. Much like the graded ‘trophies’ on the Playstation; Achievement Rarity does what it says on the box and notifies you when you’ve accomplished an impressive feat. The little diamond next to the achievement may become coveted over the next few months!

Group Messaging
Moving gamers away from pointless social media outlets and bringing them back to the Xbox experience. This new feature implements group chats where a party can coordinate via the written word. Since you should all either have Xbox keyboards or the Xbox App downloaded we can swiftly skirt around the arduous typing issue on the gamepad!

Also coming to Xbox are Gamerscore Leaderboards: a way of comparing who gets the least vitamin-D; and Emojis for the Xbox One Virtual Keyboard: to quote Major Nelson again, “the wait is finally over”.

Sarcasm aside it’s always great to see new features implemented, especially when those features have been asked for by you guys through feedback in forums and the Preview Program (now the Insider Program, if you didn’t know!).

The Wait Is Over – The Xbox Holiday Update Is Here

Being massive keenos, Xbox Sector already have a ‘Club’ which you can join now! Just search “Xbox Sector” and join us. Stuart has a Farming Simulator obsession, I’m sure he’ll be delighted to find another tractor enthusiast! The update is available to download now through ‘Settings’ if your console hasn’t automatically downloaded it.