After the announcement for Red Dead Redemption 2 last month, the hype train has left the station. Although, knowing John Marston, it will be held up and its juicy secrets will be stolen and released to the public in the near future. Until a time such as that we are left to speculate on how Rockstar will improve on its highly successful combination of Grand Theft Auto and horses.
John Marston’s adventures in the dying Wild West not only spun a wild and intriguing story but left players with a world filled with things to do and discover once it reached its monumental conclusion. With the way in which videogames have developed since its 2010 release date, even if Red Dead Redemption 2 was just an update of its predecessor it would be a game to get excited for.

From what we can speculate from the teaser trailer, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a prequel possibly following John Marston’s old gang under Dutch. From a possible leaked map photo released a while ago we can see there will be some strong possibilities that the game will move north-east from the New Austin setting of Redemption. Moving away from Mexico and into the frozen mountains and dangers of the north.

Here are a list of 10 things we hope to see in the sequel.
1. More In-Depth Hunting Mechanics and a Crafting Menu


We saw in the trailer a deer hung across the back of a horse, hinting at more in depth hunting mechanics. A lot of games have incorporated a hunting/crafting system into their games since Redemption’s release such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Far Cry and the Tomb Raider reboots. An adaptation of the ambient challenges of Redemption to incorporate crafting would greatly encourage players to search for specific pelts. The flowers of the original Redemption were useless aside from the survivalist challenges, it would be cool to see a notebook to record (and collect) illustrations of each new flower to earn a new hat or achievement.
2. More Character Customization Options


The addition of a hunting/crating menu would naturally lead to more unlockable outfits and, after the in-depth character customization of GTA V and the Saint’s Row games being able to fully alter your character’s wardrobe in RDR 2 is a must!
3. A Character Switching Mechanic


Another feature Rockstar have perfected in GTA V is the character switching mechanic so players could experience its story from alternative perspectives. Implemented into RDR 2 this could give players another perspective on the narrative and allow them to explore different styles of play.
4. A Non-Linear Story


Red Dead Redemption first touched on the topic of morality in the west with its honor system and side-missions such as the ‘Jenny’s Faith’ or ‘American Appetites’. With his reformed character, John Marston was the perfect blank canvas for players to restore some justice to the west or live out their most dastardly dreams (We all tied a woman to the railway line, whether it was for the achievement or not). A story with multiple endings where you could decide the fate of certain characters would give RDR 2 the replayability its predecessor lacked after you had completed the various hunting, survivalist or sharpshooter challenges.
5. A Larger and More Populated Map


With an image of the supposed map for Red Dead Redemption 2 posted to NEOGAF a while ago, we can speculate that our second foray to the Wild West will be on a larger map covering an area just north of Redemption’s New Austin. From the trailer we can see RDR 2 will show a much prettier America, with a variety of beautiful forests, waterlogged valleys and beaten townships in high definition for you to ride, hunt and murder your way through.
6. Homestead infrastructures


With a larger map comes the need for more houses or settlements where you can save and resupply. RDR 2 could benefit from a more extensive property development mechanic, allowing the player to perform jobs or defend their homes from bandits or rustlers. Whilst this hasn’t been suggested by any of the announcements it would be an interesting addition in a market where games such as Fallout 4, Skyrim and Minecraft have lead the way for player expression in their character’s homes.
7. Heavily Improved Online Mode


The original RDR’s online mode was ambitious and arguably before its time with its massive free roam hub, similar to the far more successful GTA online. Rockstar have made so much more money from GTA online and updates are still being developed 3 years after the game’s release date, and Rockstar have confirmed that they will be including online modes we assume will be similar to those of GTA V. Personally, I cannot wait to form a posse or bandit gang of friends to tackle the west in RDR 2’s multiplayer.


The highlight of GTA Online was the heists you could organize with a group of friends; this would translate to RDR 2 perfectly, having you set up train robberies, bank jobs or stagecoach ambushes as you thunder across the west with your villainous posse.
9. Improved/Updated Mechanics


Since 2010 the GTA franchise has evolved, its aiming system for one has developed into the smooth and responsive controls of GTA V from the often infuriating aiming of GTA IV and the original RDR. With the arrival of RDR 2 we can expect things like this to become even more streamlined.
10. Historical Figure or Rockstar Counterparts


The American West was home to plenty of famous faces from outlaws like Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy or Buffalo Bill. In the past Rockstar have often parodied current celebrities and it would be cool to meet some recognizable wild west characters in the world of RDR 2.