While Infinite Warfare hasn’t filled me with much hope, I took the plunge and purchased it, to get my greasy hands on the Modern Warfare Remaster.

It’s absolutely amazing, and you can check out our live stream from Friday night / Saturday morning below…

Also last night we streamed the hugely impressive Gas Guzzlers Extreme, including a visit from the developers in the chat room, as well as Earth’s Dawn, both of which where released on the 3rd of November and will be reviewed soon.

Check out these two live streams below, and remember if you wish to watch us play live, we’re streaming most (UK) evenings at http://facebook.com/xboxsector so give us a like, and join in.

For Twitch fans, we’re now also regularly streaming on our Twitch channel and you can see our very own ‘MIZ X WAFFLES’ playing Destiny at this link – https://www.twitch.tv/xboxsector/v/99037852