DICE have been praised in the past for working with their fans. After the disastrous release of Battlefield 4 DICE introduced the CTE (or community test environment) on PC which enabled players to access and give feedback on updates, tweaks and DLC before their official release.

Recently in response to fan feedback DICE posted an article to outline “the road ahead”, detailing some of the work the team are doing to rectify current issues and build on the solid multiplayer gameplay of Battlefield 1.


New features coming to Battlefield 1 include hardcore servers, custom maps and the ‘rent a server’ service. During an event called Battlefest the first official custom game: Fog of War will be shown. It sounds like the map aims to recreate the chaos of no-mans-land as the mini-map and player tags are turned off, and the land is enveloped in thick fog.


In addition to this a number of tweaks will address matchmaking and server balancing, and some adjustments will be made to the Suez map to make the gameplay more balanced.

Lastly DICE have left us with the assurance of a free DLC map: Giant’s Shadow – though being a huge fan of the operations mode I sincerely hope further maps are announced in the future to facilitate a new historical battle.