To follow up their recent PvP trailer, Badai Namco have released a number of promotional screenshots ahead of the Ashes of Ariandel launch on 25th October, giving us a glimpse of the deadly beauty that is Ariandel.

Included in the DLC is a new location hosting 2 terrifying new bosses and a slew of vile enemies, along with a myriad of weapons, shields, armour sets and spells to aid you in the unlikely event of your victory. Namco have also completely revamped PvP with an exclusive map where ‘Undead Matches’ introduce an arena style one-on-one dual mode, along with other team-based modes for as many as 6 players – a true service to Dark Souls fans everywhere.

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Unkindled one, your masochistic journey is far from over. The frozen lands of Ariandel await; if you are up for the challenge that is.