Imagine holding a tiny pistol in your hand, when you are on the verge of shooting at your enemies. What would your first thought be? For some it would be funny and hilarious but for some it might be frustrating to use it and for some it’s a mixed emotion.

Recently a kolibri gun was added to the list of Battlefield weapons. At first people thought it was a glitch, as these types of guns weren’t used for some serious battles before in any FPS game. But then on research it was found that the gun was infact real. It was a 2.7mm Kolibri Car Pistol, made by an Austrian watch maker in 1914.

The gun’s stats were poor and lot of reports were created on its inaccuracy as it proved hard to be used on the battlefield. But then the devs team updated the stats and made it more usable.

Here is a hilarious video on the gameplay with this gun. It almost looks like the characters are running around with an empty hand in the air.