Hold your patience, we just got 7 collectibles in ACT 4. So let’s move a bit faster.

ACT 4 : Get out

1. Locust shell disposal form (Obj: Return to the ore transporter)

In the beginning you need to drop through two ledges. After the second one, you will find a yellow metal crate. Take a left from there and you will end up with another yellow metal crate. The form lies there.

gow74 gow75

ACT 4 : No detours

2. Col Tag K.Rush (Obj: Get to the dam)

Advance the game until you come across a gear that stands against the wall to the left of the path. The soldier’s body and the tag will be present a few steps after the gear.

gow76 gow77

ACT 4 : Knock knock

3. COG orders (Obj: Get to the dam entrance)

Go on with the game until you reach the entrance of Tollen Dam in front of you. Turn left and climb up the platform. Then take a right and you will find the orders at the far end of the room.

gow78 gow79

ACT 4 : Powerless

4. COG Tag P.Wood (Obj: Head back inside)

After a short battle, you will open double doors.  Proceed on the path untill you reach a control room to the left. Once you enter the room, go to other side of the console. There you will find the tag.

gow80 gow81

5. Rations schedule for abandoned gears (Obj: Find a way to the top of a dam)

Progress in the game until you come across giant moving chains. Go ahead until you find a wall with “13E” written on it. Take a left to the wall and you will find the schedule behind some boxes.

gow82 gow83

ACT 4 : Storm warning

6. COG Tag E.Yates (Obj: Find a way through the substation)

First you need to go through the storm and make it out alive. Then you will enter a substation. After you enter go to the room to your right. You will find the corpse and the tag on a desk.

gow84 gow85

7. Letter (Obj: Find a way through the substation)

Once you destroy the first coil, advance until you come across sandbags. Leap over and you will find the letter there.

gow86 gow87

And you get to see the video here