The third episode of Telltales Batman series, titled ‘New World Order’ is almost upon us!  if you, like myself, love the work that Telltale does then you should be excited for this release.  It is hitting the digital marketplace worldwide on October 25th, and if you purchased the physical disc version or the season pass then you will be receiving this episode at no further cost to you.  Also, if you want to get an early peek at the episode check out the latest episode of Batman:  Unmasked with special guest Travis Willingham who voices Harvey Dent (Two Face) in the game.


Batman- The Telltale Series is a new take on the Batman universe, the core characters are there including the likes of Catwomen and The Penguin, however, Telltale takes quite a few liberties with the existing canon of the Batman story.  If you go into episode one, titled ‘Realm of Shadows’, with your previous  knowledge of Batman and expect the characters to follow the same paths, you will be pleasantly surprised at the twists and turns Telltale throws your way.  If you consider yourself a fan of The Batman, then try out episode one and you will be hooked.




 With ‘Batman- A Telltale Series’ future episodes on the horizon, as well as the fantastic slate of games coming to the Xbox over the coming months, stay with us here at Xbox Sector for all your Xbox news.