When it comes to buying, it is always a bargain as to is the item really worth the cost. In gamer’s terms, does it have better features for the money i give or is it better than its previous version provided there in an increase in price. Well these are the latest best deals you can get for your console. These aren’t just any deals, these are bundle deals that come with stuff more than just the basic console and controller.

1. Battlefield bundle

If you can’t wait for the first release of Battlefield 1, then you gotta go for this deal. Why? Because apart from the basic controller and console, it comes with a 1TB of harddrive storage plus it comes in the military green color edition. This is to represent the battlefield theme. The best of all is that you get a speical edition of battlefield before hand with the access to world war 1. All of this at a price of $349 at microsoft.

2. COD bundle

Along with 1TB storage, the console and controller are specially branded and also has a download code for the Call of duty:Advanced warfare. This bundle comes at a price of $365 at Amazon.

3. Rainbow six series bundle.

This bundle comes with 1TB xbox one and downloads of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six siege. Best of all, you can also download Rainbow six vegas and Rainbow six vegas2 apart from siege. This is a deal you get for just $299 at Microsoft.

4. Halo 5 bundle

This is by far the best deal you can get for a shooter game with excellent hardware components. This is because the console is Halo-themed, with sounds from halo being used for the switching on and off the console and also it comes with Halo’s similar visual looks too. You can get this deal for just $325 at Amazon.